Google Employee Harassed by Employees Twitter

A Google employee claimed to have received sexual harassment of an employee of Twitter. Noirin Shirley, Google employee claims the incident started with a party at a pub ApacheCon in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Noirin grievances expressed by means of his personal blog. “When a party at the pub after, the party went into the room my room. The room I became full and everyone tries to find space to sleep and it all became rowdy,” said Noirin.

Noirin claim, when an atmosphere like that, suddenly, an engineer who worked on Twitter approached. Norin and her friends agreed to go back to the Pub. Harassment incident occurred at the Pub. Bringing the beer man tried to take her to the bathroom and forced her to have sex.
“This is not an unusual request and it is not one I expected to end that way,” clarified Noirin.
“But he insisted and he hugged me. He pulled me and kissed me. I tried to rebel and I reject it, but he kept trying and even tried to insert his hand into my pants,” said Noirin.

Noirin himself finally rejected and returned to join his friends in the pub.
“This is not something the first time this has happened to me, just this once not the first time. But it happened to me at a technology conference .. really horrible,” said Noirin.

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